HashWatt allocates fifty percent (50%) of the Block Rewards received from cryptocurrency mining in the proportion mined by the Company to the Token Holders (“Token Basket”). Once Token Investor’s have received allocations equal to their total investment (as determined by the Company using spot prices for the currencies distributed on the distribution dates), Token allocation will be reduced to twenty-five percent (25%). Investors in the Tokens generally invest in HashWatt mining operations through a virtual sale/leaseback. While there’s no maturity, investors do receive payment in the form of a growing basket of cryptocurrencies that are not managed or traded. Token Investors bear the risk and reward of the change in value of the basket of cryptocurrencies distributed to them. HashWatt does not actively manage any Token Basket, and Token Investors may sell back their Tokens to HashWatt in return for their portion of the Token Basket. All Tokens are held in ledger entry form by HashWatt and will not be issued as blockchain tokens until 60 days after a Release Event.

HashWatt Token

HashWatt Token pays for the mining operations of the Company and in return receives a fixed percentage of mining revenue. While it is currently anticipated that HashWatt Token will be Ethereum-based, in the event of a Release Event, the Company will determine the blockchain or fiat currency protocol that it believes is optimal for supporting its Token at that time.

Funds received from Token issuances will only be spent on the cost of equipment acquisition and deployment and operational expenses for cryptocurrency mining operations. Payments to Tokens will be held in separate pools based on the dates of Token offerings. Accordingly, each issuance of Tokens will have its own Token Basket and will not share in the Token Baskets of other issuances.

To participate in the offering, Investors in HashWatt Tokens will be required to execute the appropriate Subscription Agreement and Investor Declaration and to comply with the procedures required by the Company’s accredited investor verification service. The Investor Declaration and the Token Subscription Agreement and Investor Declaration can be found and completed at the Company’s website (www.hashwatt.com). The Company reserves the right to modify the terms of the Token Offering described in this Memorandum prior to accepting any subscription from any Investor, and the Tokens are offered subject to the Company’s ability to reject any subscription commitment in whole or in part.

Tokens will be held in ledger form only at the Close of the respective Offerings and Tokens will not be issued to Token Investors until within sixty (60) days following a Release Event. At any time, Token Investors may sell back their Tokens to the Company in return for their allocable portion of the applicable Token Basket.


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